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"Working with Deb has been a pleasure as I've realized that her quick response and follow up to my requests and creative thinking has made my island project less worrisome. She intuitively grasped my design parameters and decorating concerns then brought various elements together into a well thought out plan." 

               ~David Copperfield

"Some decorators know all the rules -- the rule of threes or the height  of a chair.  What they lack is the ability to think and dream and the ability and willingness to bend the rules or break them.

 Deb is that unique designer that understands the importance of both.  She understood the importance of letting my inner spirit shine through, but providing some restraint and balance to make it a livable dream.  

The other thing she did better than anybody else was to ground me in what was realistic and help me understand both budget and timeline.  We came in under budget and ahead of schedule .  That never happens in DC."

               ​~ Dr. Navin Singh MD.  Washington Plastic Surgery

"Deb was a pleasure to work with: she was creative, focused, and extremely quick in turning around any request we had. She willingly offered us her expertise for areas beyond what we had contracted.      

I particularly appreciated how quickly she grasped our concerns and turned them into physical reality… She came up with extremely inventive solutions to challenging problems.

One of the comments we consistently get from the public is how much they love the interiors of the spaces. Deb is someone with whom we would happily work with again.”

              ~  Anna Slafer. Dir. of Exhibitions & Programs. The Spy Museum

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about us

We are a very hands-on and versatile business that focuses on design elements that best reflect your inner you!  Our group works hard to create personalized spaces that incorporate your belongings and lifestyle for one-of-a-kind results!  

Find originality through Deb Sagerholm's unique style captured from her worldwide travels. Through years of experience, she's become renowned for her ability to skillfully blend personal styles with trending ideas and inspiration from around the world. 

 Now Deb creates personally tailored style and beautiful living environments for her clients using clever design ideas, earth friendly solutions, custom renovation options, creative finishes, Feng Shui and more.

Her friendly approach makes her a favorite choice for projects large and small in the Washington DC metro area, Maryland, along the Eastern Seaboard and Beyond!