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A historic NJ facade renovation project had driver's slowing down to look twice!  Period moldings, tile, paint scheme and signage did the trick!

Sharing some 'Before & After' shots!

This quick job upgraded a galley kitchen in record time! A bad flooring job was gone along with the choppy overall look!  Sally said the improvements definitely helped sell the property.  

Ms. Rice had been looking forward to a new master bathroom for over 5 years.  Her patience finally paid off!  

"I just feel SO happy every time I look at the bathroom.  Thanks a million!"  

  (Click to see more of her lovely bathroom Custom Design Build )

This renovation required custom wood work, trim and cabinetry throughout. Notice the contrasting finishes, carved island details, multi layered moldings and huge beam!.

Tammy, Steve and Deb were happy with the latest materials and selections in spite of the snow storm!  The couple was happy to enjoy a new warm fireplace once their renovation was complete! 

‚ÄčAn empty wall is a blank canvas for us!  After installing custom cabinetry with shelving and storage Terry mused:  "The built-in  looks like it's always been really belongs with our house.  I use my living room all the time now!" 

It was hard for Mr. Pareek to get much accomplished in this space.  Now, this CEO says his newly decorated executive office wows visitors every day!