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Marco Polo's Expeditions

It's not necessary to actually cover a deck to make it feel like an outdoor room -- this attached trellis does the trick.    

These tall decorative shelving units are a great solution for odd corners!     

Keep dry and instantly upgrade your entrance with handsome timber framing, tin roof and copper trim     

A Quick  Fix Design Tip:  Wall coverings are making a comeback! Choose from wallpaper, murals, decals or textured coverings to give a room it's own character. 

Mirrored doors on rolling barn door hardware alleviates the need for lots of swinging doors, saves space and makes a room look larger.    

A Quick  Fix Design Tip:  Install track lighting or recessed lights in a hall to brighten your way.  Then add walls decor so it's an interesting corridor during your daily comings and goings.  

Our ingenious solution was based on versatile multi level wood curved planes that made this small room useful in every corner without over filling the space

Find additional storage under the edge of a kitchen island.  Behind these cabinet doors 12" deep shelves keep seasonal items within easy reach.    

We gave this old bathroom a quick makeover with new accessories and Chinese motif wallpaper that coordinates with the client's red lacquerware which we displayed in the recessed wall cabinet    

Let the sunshine in by replacing old windows with something noteworthy!     

Almost completed....we gained a lot of storage by using the vertical space extending the built-in shelves to the ceiling          and wrapping the cabinetry around a useless corner.    

A Quick Fix Design Tip:  Repaint your trim and your rooms will look smartly refreshed!  You'll be surprised to see your wall color pop and how dingy your old trim has become. Our favorite is Behr​ Ultra Pure White.

An old bathroom with chipped and missing floor tile was remedied by chiseling out the old and craftily replacing it with creamy pebbles for an automatic after-shower foot massage!      

Tuck a mini wine closet in your kitchen for handy access!

We love challenges, interesting changes and making clients smile!  See what we can do with a little ingenuity, creativity and extra effort.  We believe even small design solutions can make big impacts. 

Enlarging an entrance with side lights  and including an interesting screen door instantly adds curb appeal to any property 

Replace that front door with one that has a strong personality!  Our hand crafted one makes a good first impression   

Easy Solutions...with style!

Builder's grade railings can be seen everywhere -- we designed then constructed railings and newel posts for this very happy client!    Don't miss the one-of-a-kind newel post created with repurposed Asian Ironwood!    

Look up!  Ceilings can be such great spaces for architectural details. 

This empty wall is perfect for a customized work station.

When it comes to lighting, think about a one statement piece.  Create drama and style with one fixture! 

We apologize for the quality of our images due to WIndows10 erasing our photo file :(   

Real wood beadboard is very versatile -- especially when stained and installed to give pizzazz to a ceiling!  

Time to peel that '80s wallpaper...which was at the top of our list of small tasks.  Fixtures remained so you can see this certainly was an easy solution!    

Our ingenious solution for a big wall hung TV was to box it to hide the swivel arm then frame it with layers of classic moldings     

Create drama with a pair of stately columns! How can an empty opening compare to this one?  

Don't settle for the expected.  We introduced a peaked timber framed porch to this rancher for a pleasing approach