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Marco Polo's Expeditions

We apologize for the quality of our images due to WIndows10 erasing our photo file :(   

A Quick Fix Design Tip:      If your wood floors are beyond repair;  paint them!  A solid grey or black are good colors that won't go out of style.     

Think of materials other than tile in your bathroom.

Easy Solutions...with style!

Now that's a real cat door that pleased one pretty feline!  

That old soffit space can become a sweet overhead spot to display your favorite things!

A Quick Fix Design Tip:  Small master bathroom?  Remove the mirror above the sink then mirror the entire wall -- it'll automatically make the room double in size and give you a fuller length reflection     

A Quick Fix Design Tip:   Replace your hollow core doors with a paneled version for a quality upgrade.  There are many ready made styles to chose from.