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Color is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your space with Feng Shui ....see what your best colors are!

Colors fit into one of the five Feng Shui Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Choose colors according to the energy you need and bring them into your space with wall color, art, various accents and textiles.

FIRE: Passion & High Energy 
COLORS: Reds, Orange, Purples,Bright Yellow.

RED is hot, passionate, rich and celebratory! Red signifies luck and happiness in China and is the marriage color in India. Bright reds used too much can bring restlessness, bursts of anger and over stimulation. Brownish reds offer a feeling of luxury and enveloping peace.

ORANGE is often called the "social" color, as it creates energy to promote lively conversations and good times. It's best to use this fire element to accessorize so freely bring this color into your living room and even try a group of pumpkins on your dining table!

EARTH: Stability & Nourishment 
COLORS: Neutrals, Cream, Soft yellow.

YELLOW, the color of sunlight, is cheerful and uplifting. Yellow always brightens any home or office. Variations of this color can create a cozy, welcoming energy in your living room, children's rooms or kitchen. It can also inspire a good spirited chef and healthy eating!

METAL: Efficiency & Clarity
COLORS: Grey, White & real metal objects.

WATER: Calm & Purity 

COLORS: Blues and a hint of Black.

BLACK is full of mystery and sophistication; it holds the energy of power and protection While it can convey a heavy feeling if used in large proportions, black color is a necessary grounding element to any decor. This water element adds depth, strength and definition to a room or wardrobe.

WOOD: Healing, Growth & Vitality 
COLORS: Earth tones of Brown & Green

BROWN is an earth element and has deeply balancing and nourishing qualities. It's a wonderful choice in a foyer or kitchen, Keep brown well-balanced with other colors because a space that has too much of this earth tone may lead to its inhabitants lacking ambition and the drive to go forward.

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Don't Feng Shui it alone!

Although our Western homes are situated much differently than traditional dwellings of the original Feng Shui designers we know how to incorporate many worthwhile elements into practical design for today.  Through our experience we can assess household flow, visual calming aspects and  awkward interaction with your  environment

Find out how to harmonize your surroundings.  Feel free to email or call with any questions about reorganization, room arrangments, lighting, or any other  aspect this ancient art of design and well-being.