A roof Shangri-La is exactly what Dave wished for after his long days at work. With over 30 lights on dimmers, a trickling waterfall and shade trees he's emailed from his new chaise that he couldn't be more content! 

In new construction there's always an eye-deceiving moment. And that occurred when this kitchen suddenly looked tiny.  But, as our worried client realized this kitchen has elbow room for more than one cook! They're happy to report that this is a perfect size for them!. 

Our conceptual sketch to show ideas & materials for  exterior improvements

A perfect escape evolved from this abandoned little cottage!  We didn't hesitate to pack this hide-away with the most luxurious amenities.  Including a fur-lined murphy bed, hand made glass chandelier, bronzed ceiling, down filled upholstery, French velvet drapery, a full party kitchen...just to name a few! 

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